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Japanese Roadster Mitsuoka will be sold in Europe

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The Japanese automaker of premium vehicles Mitsuoka Himiko announced the start of sales of the Roadster Mitsuoka Roadster in the UK. The cost of new items will be more than 53 thousand 800 pounds.

The Mitsuoka car Roadster is built on the platform of the MX-5 last generation from Japan’s Mazda. The exterior of the Roadster has a retro design, but the internal component is completely modern. In addition, a car is equipped with automatic roof that folds and opens in 12 seconds.
The car has 2-liter 4-cylinder engine which produces 162 horsepower and 189 Nm of maximum torque. The motor will run 6-speed automatic or manual transmission.
Mitsuoka Roadster is equipped quality leather trim, climate control, systems of security and stability on the road, airbags and many other options.

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