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Photos and video of interior of Nissan Maxima got to a network

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Nissan Maxima 2016 - interior
Automobile spies photographed an interior of interior of new generation of a sedan of Nissan Maxima which premiere will take place on a showroom in New York in April of this year.
In the received photos it is possible to see that the car in a camouflage is in some warehouse in the Arab country. But, fortunately all side windows are open and didn’t hide an interior.
In an interior of new Nissan Maxima it is possible to see modern design which wasn’t applied earlier in models anywhere. At once there is a wish to note the big touch display of information and entertaining system, a digital meter panel, a sports steering wheel, the changed gear box handle, and also stylish design of the central extension housing. Besides, use of expensive materials of finishing — a genuine leather, the chromeplated and varnished inserts is noticeable.
We will remind, in a network there were first pictures of external design of a body of Nissan Maxima of new generation. The novelty was noticed incidentally in the commercial shot for a final of National football league of the USA.
Official information on technical characteristics of Nissan Maxima is absent, but it is quite probable under a cowl the 3,5-liter V6 engine developing about 300 horsepowers will be installed. Together with the motor the variator will work.
The premiere of new generation of Nissan Maxima will take place on April 1 on a showroom in New York.
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