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The first Bentley Bentayga copies delivered to the owners

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Customers who have received the keys to the SUV, called for the British Bentley factory in Crewe. It is reported that Bentley plans to collect 608 instances Bentayga in special modifications First Edition, the first of which will give to Queen Elizabeth II.
About the regular version Bentayga First Edition distinguished by an aggressive aerodynamic body kit. Changes were made to the interior: in the cabin there are new seats and a special lighting system.
The crossover is equipped with a 6-liter gasoline engine delivering 608 horsepower and 8-speed “automatic”.
This Bentayga is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 301 kilometers per hour and acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometer car takes 4.1 seconds. Later version will appear with shestimirov petrol W12 twin-turbo diesel power unit
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