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Volkswagen will begin producing electric Golf

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Volkswagen Golf electric

Company Volkswagen will begin producing electric car models in North America in 2020, it suggests that the company rebuilds its image after the diesel emissions scandal last year.

The news was made public head of Volkswagen in North America, Mr. Heinrich Woebcken, who noted that the company has made a choice and stood on the Mexico production, there to produce electric cars and then sell them not only non-local market but also in the US market. The company is planning to conquer the US market, since electric cars Volkswagen Golf, thereby creating competition Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt.

Under this program, Volkswagen plans to produce their own manufacture batteries and thus create 30 new electric vehicles in the next decade, and by 2025 to put on the car market from 2 to 3 million electric vehicles of different brands under the Volkswagen brand. Any specifications of future electric vehicles have not been disclosed.

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